You know what i really like about right now? That is not like in 2016 when a new Javascript framework was release every day that does the same as jQuery but different, now days i can use it and everybody says "nice" instead of "you should do this with X.js with 4000 libraries on ES^N edition" to quote an articule i read on the time "I need to display data on a page, not perform Sub Zero’s original MK fatality."

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    If you want to do web forms the hard way and spend hours, use redux
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    If that's your stance, you might want to ask yourself, "what does 2005's library du jour offer me that the basic js api doesn't in the year 2020?" The answer is likely, "not much."

    I'm not interested in reiterating all the insufficiencies, security issues and tribal knowledge problems jQuery has. Google will enumerate them handily if you care. Suffice it to say, using it isn't really a good idea when compared with modern vanillajs. If you're actually concerned with simplicity, throw out jQuery as well.
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