How many hours do you program each day? How many hours do you program until you make a break?

I am looking for a way to work efficiently and healthily.

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    I try to avoid working for others more than 40 hours per week (unfortunately it usually ends up being a lot more due to tight deadlines and poor planning ...)
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    Not sure about the amount of hours of continuous programming but I program about 14-16 hours a day at the moment
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    I program about 6h at work, and sometimes around 2-3h at home, after work, sometimes...
    I try my best to take a break every hour and do stretching exercises (using Reminder apps helps).
    Staying put for hours on that chair looking at that screen is our biggest enemy in this field...
    How about you @Maxeh ?
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    @linuxxx what, how is this even possible, after 6-8 hours i cant concentrate any more
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    A combination of coffee and will power mostly. Jokes aside though, I wasn't kidding. Full time internship and own company equals busyness
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    Aprox 8h
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