So, yesterday I downloaded Manjaro KDE Linux, and I don't why, but when I scroll down something, the page goes up and scroll up, it goes down, it's so frustrating, idk what's happening thier ಠ︵ಠ

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    I use stock Arch instead of Manjaro, but as long as they haven't modified KDE too much, it should be the same. Go into System Settings and find the input device settings (should be under hardware > input devices). Go into mouse or touchpad, whichever one you use, and there should be options for scrolling. One of them should let you invert the scrolling.
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    @EmberQuill omg thx I was looking for this all day, Actually I haven't use KDE before, not used to GUI that much xD
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    Yeah all distros including Windows do this for a few years now they call it "natural" scrolling. It should feel more natural to push up like you are pushing the paper up like on a touch screen.
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    @hjk101 Honestly, for multitouch scrolling on a touchpad, it does feel more natural. The name is fitting I think.

    I had one desktop environment default to natural scrolling even for a mouse's scroll wheel though, and that was definitely not "natural" to use.
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