Is this for real?


Docker sent me an email about some change in their service. I don't use docker and wanted to unsubscribe. There is no unsubscribe. So I reply to the email with the word "unsubscribe". It is returned immediately. Then I go to their website and the contact link. Use the form below it says.

No form. WTF?!

Docker, you close every route of communication and my only recourse to stop emails is to report it as spam?

Not impressed at all. I would not use a service that zero ways to contact. This no accountability service bullshit is a stupid trend.

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    Might check ya equipment mate..
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    Albeit badly styled, there is a form for me
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    I am on firefox. You guys on chrome?
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    Heh, works on mobile and not on desktop. Now I wonder about their skills. Even less impressed.
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    I'm on cocaine.
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    I sent them a nice message:

    Unsubscribe me from your email list.

    Add unsubscribe to your emails.

    Fix your contact page on desktop.
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    It’s dead Jim
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    Works for both FF and Chrome for me. Currently on Ubuntu 20.04.
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    @Angry What version of Firefox?

    I was on 79 and I just updated to 82. Still not showing the form. I am running Ubuntu 18.04. I cannot imagine that the version of Ubuntu matters.
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    @Demolishun Perhaps _you_ need a self update
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    @ScriptCoded wtf does that mean? It doesn't fucking work.


    Works in Chrome and not latest Firefox I can download for 18.04.
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    Wow, in Chrome the hover menus don't pop up, but do on firefox. But in chrome the form appears. This is a really shitty website.
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    Apparently I have some settings in firefox to block tracking. I turned those off and boom a form appeared. So the form has tracking garbage in it.

    Fucking assholes.
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