I can't tell if I'm slacking off or now working at a more normal, slower pace....

How much time do you actually spend working vs taking breaks, lunch?

Or maybe how many hours in a day, do you actually spend being productive?

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    I've been on a bit of a down cycle lately.

    I'm kinda frustrated by it... and that's more frustrating. But it happens.

    Have been picking it up lately, things come and go.
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    I have no idea if I’m being decently productive or not — I kind of doubt it.

    But I’m used to jamming for 10+ hours a day and being ridiculously productive, so i really can’t interpret my current performance.
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    @Root wow....I try to stick to 8hr work day though may code a bit after for my own stuff. But those 8hrs seem to be getting me productive
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    As a general rule I work about 5/7.
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