Ok, so I work at this "Great" company. I joined a new team recently with a project that is supposed to be a lot better than many of the other projects we have.

THESE MOTHEERRRRRFUCKERS don't even have hot reload on the app. You have to rebuild the app everytime you make a change. Are you kidding me?! We are using React. One of the basics of React is hot reload. I get into a fucking meeting and one of the devs is like, "I have one important thing to tell you, don't use hooks (a not so new feature in react yet something everyone should use at this point)" and the critical reason we don't use it is because they don't want to confuse the Java devs who are used to their little oop style o_O

Maaaan fuck your developers, it's not my fault you guys can't learn something so simple like functional programming. I haven't even started a sprint yet, I'll burn this app and make you rewrite it all.

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    Thatta rant spirit! Go git 'em! ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    @vintprox ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Oh I'm goin
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    This "hot reload", is it like a watch in webpack when developing or are you talking about something that has to do with deployment?
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    @koes That's exactly what I'm talking about. Webpack's Hot Module Replacement. Nowadays we don't need to rebuild the code, we can simply use hot reload which automatically builds your code for you as you are developing. Essential and effective๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ
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    I figured... Has been around for years and of course you should use it ๐Ÿ˜€.
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    Ok I seriously disagree on the "as simple as functional programming". But hooks are simple concept, not using things that make the bloody language/framework a bit productive is just stupid. If it where features that are in JS the bad parts or even lead to a few production mistakes than I get a policy like that. This is just as stupid as not using a debugger (and will cause days loss in productivity and quality)

    Seems like you bought into the cool aid sold at the interviews. Hope you can turn it around man.
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    I wanted to rant how this is wrong on so many levels, everybody today with 2% of sanity would use hooks over classes in react...

    ...but since I have to GET the API endpoint which is actually an HTML file on the server that gives me actual HTML as a response instead of JSON, I don't see classes as an issue there anymore! xD
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    @devJs I don't have a problem with classes, my problem is with wanting to "Future proof" your app but still not using the latest and greatest in the said framework you are using, plain BULLSHIT!
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    @sharmani future proofing app with lazy-ass approach like that results in kind of a shitty swamp of legacy patterns/technologies that I am currently floating in, but not for long! Totally relatable.

    Mainly because of the devs that didn't update their knowledge since forever. Programming is never-ending learning journey with unlimited number of cycles, but many devs are like frozen in time and doing it like my grandpa did, because it works! tm
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    @sharmani I feel you so bad...

    "We cannot use [language feature] cause if we do it like [10 unreadable lines of code] we actually trick the compiler into saving 8 bytes cause I read it on a unity blog post from 2003."

    I really wish they implemented: youAreTryingToBeSmarterThanTheCompilerException
    Or that there was a way to implement it at all, but I am sure even if they tracked 100% of the ways people try to be smarter than the compiler, some devs would just come out with new and somehow even less readable ways.
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    Hot reload is usually garbage anyway. I've rarely ever had it work correctly.

    So meh. I'd rather have keyboard shortcuts for switching between windows and reload manually.
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    @junon Man this isn't about refreshing the page, the code has to be built in order for you to see changes which takes time, hot reload solves that.
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    @sharmani You're talking about filesystem watches. Which also suck.

    Hot reload ONLY means reloading the webpage or a part of the webpage when something updates.
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    @junon i guess you think nodemon is also garbage. Why would I want to watch for changes in code anyway in dev env, right, when I can waste time for dumb shit like turning it off and on again all the time!

    So you prefer to waste time every time you add something to your code like killing node and starting it again then reloading the page in browser every time you save something? Same for FE, I guess you don't do CSS, hot reload shaves of hours on FE projects and keeps us sane!
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    @devJs Mmmm I love when people put words in my mouth. Tasty.
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