Am I the only one that doesn't like Java? I mean I don't hate it or say it's bad. It's pretty clear that it has been probably the most influential language after C. I just don't like how typed and verbose it is, also I feel old just using it or something based on it (like Jenkins)

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    Java is what it is. I don't love it, but I don't hate it anymore like I did in the SE6 days. The jvm langs like Kotlin, scala and clojure make it worth it to me.

    That said, I'd actually prefer a more robust type system. I like my applications to be reliably double checked by something other than my brain.
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    I don't like java, but it is what makes me today, without it I won't be learning oop concept the easiest way (for me)
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    Hehe, all my friends at the Computer science program disliked java. Not sure why, maybe because of it’s verbosity. They liked python instead. I was the only Java-fan, simply because I know it well and it was my first language.
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    I would always feel grumpy using pure Java. They say Kotlin is way to go and I'd gladly try it once I get my hands on it.
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    call me when you start working on a large ass JavaScript or Python program.

    Trust me, C# and Java are blessings in those environments. And way tf essier to replicate on dev environments
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    @vintprox Kotlin is worth it for the reduction in verbosity imo. Not to mention the mental effort and runtime NPEs saved by having non-nullable types. However if you're still needing a lot of java interop (like with Android), then these benefits can be more minimal.
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    Saying that you don't like a language, because it's statically typed,
    Is like saying you don't like new tires, because they won't let you slide of the road during rain.
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    Public static void Main yes
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    @AleCx04 and golang is most effective language (in my opinion) maybe because its the most youngest. So it implement in the best way possible
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    You kidding? Aside from PHP and JS, it's perhaps the trendiest language to hate at the moment.

    Personally I see it as an older, but still decent language that's usually more than usable enough to get the job done. Is there often a better, more specialist language that could be picked in a given situation? Sure. Is that language worth the additional difficulties and cost in sourcing good Devs? Often not.

    If you don't like it because it's statically typed though - damn, you need some more experience with loose typing in big projects under your belt. That's not a valid reason.
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    I don't care for Java much. I joke that the only redeeming value of Java is Minecraft and Minecraft modding. If I were currently employed writing Java code I would probably "love" it. I have only used it enough to dislike some of its features.

    What I do like about Java is its VM. It is really well designed and can do some amazing shit. The opcode to binary code it does is just freaking magic to me. It also has the ability to do JIT runtime optimizations. I am not sure if it does this, but the potential is there. VMs are an opportunity to tune code to the end users machines. You just don't have access to the layout of every machine it will run on in development. So having a VM that can do this is awesome.
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    A lot of people don't like it. I do. It just feels right for some reason even though I recognize it's rarely the best tool for the job. Probably just cause it was my first love
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    @metamourge I like Go and it is statically typed too. And I like OOP but I feel like Java takes it to the next level with those "public static void interface implements <a><b><c><d>". Maybe I just like the basics of OOP idk
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