Do you think bullshit beats actual skills?

Would you build a bullshit resume to get your dream job?

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    Fake it 'till you make it.

    For other professions this has different meaning...

    But for developers... we ARE going to have to actually "make it". Which can only be faked so long and will eventually require spending nights and weekends deep in some docs we don't effing understand and making up the learning gap required to complete the task.

    So if you're willing to put in those extra hours, and that new learning is important to you enough to offset the loss of time and low roi...

    Fake it till you make it.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi Well, and also I've seen a lot of "made" stuff with shitty quality. Does that also count as make it?
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    "Mate, I'm bullshitting my way through life"
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    If you lie on your resume and I find out, I will fire you for being a dishonest durian.
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    *does hello world in new language/platform...

    Updates resume: "6 months experience and proficiency in... abc"

    I have the power of freelance, I cannot be fired, only mitigated.

    In fairness, I DO figure that shit out and get shit done.... That's the "make it" part.
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    In my field of work, you'd be fucked within an hour or so, so no.

    Edit: but for ethical reasons, especially: nope.
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    I did for my first job, less lie more not be transparent. Then I realised I was a total idiot and spent every day embarrassed for months. Now I don't because I've reached a level I don't need to lie just to get a job.
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    @Root I will never do that, but it seems I'm not winning in this job hunting race and my resume doesn't look bad at all
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    Yes sry but HR wants to read all the Bling-Bling buzzwords to even consider giving you a chance to explain yourself.
    So if you have to list all the buzzwords, you obviously do it. Most of the time you wouldn't even need a fraction of those in your day to day job.

    Everything to get me an interview appointment with a lead dev, before who I wouldn't lie for obvious reasons.

    Current hot buzzword: AI
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    I never wanted to be like that. But since the competition all is and since you have to get past the idiot HR people who just see a skill list that either does or doesn't match.... Ywa pad that shit.

    An example from a friend, RPA expert, Uipath certified. Gets asked about Blue Prism experience, idiot HR hears "none" and writes him off when any dev would've at least heard him out
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    yes I would go for that
    HR managers are too silly for evaluating real candidates for hard works
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    Baking your CV can get you to the dev interview but if there is any tech listed on that CV I will be sure to ask you about it in the dev stage ;)
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    Wouldn't be much of a dream job if I could fake my way to it, that means the barrier to entry is way low.
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    Nope, some teams, companies would find out pretty quickly you are a liar not worth hiring or keeping especially as what you put on your CV or resume is fair game.
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