If your GF says: "You are the HTML to my CSS" then you are very lucky though😎

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    what does it mean your html is 90%
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    I would rather she say:

    "You are the javascript on my front end and back end."
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    @Demolishun eeew you should not just put anything in the back-end
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    Your girlfriend is saying that she makes you look good. Not sure I'd call that a compliment.
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    @EmberQuill It’s a sad day when the guy looks better than the girl. (Or just the weekend 🤷🏻‍♀️)
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    It also means she is useless without you, but you can still exist without her
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    @theabbie dare to repeat this in person? You really be insulting css like this knowing I’m here?
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    @kiki It's a Fact, CSS was made for HTML, internet can happily exist without CSS, it will just be ugly
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    to be a compliment, it should be the other way around... she just called you ugly pretty much haha
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    Yeah... I'm the one that gets everything done... and you just follow behind me and make the house look organzied.

    (Sorry, couldn't resist)
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    I would prefer that she mention proper compiled languages or no programming at all than html, css and js
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    @rooter Then all websites would just be documents, they better start building PDF websites if that's their only motive
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