I have been working a part time paid internship for a few months and it’s not going well.

I’m applying and interviewing for full time but was lucky to pick up a paid internship to pay the bills. I’ve built and am currently updating a single side project for them but their lead developer works a full time job and tbh pretty sure doesn’t want to work with anyone so I can’t even get a list of dependencies or any instructions on how to run anything locally or really connect to the codebase. They also don’t really seem to care about the project as updates happens maybe one every few months. It’s written in a language and framework I’m unfamiliar with and falls outside of the scope of the documentation.

Currently spending hours a week trying to figure out this random codebase and as much as I would love to help the company if their main dev doesn’t want to assist I really can’t do much. Idk if this is a rant or what but this sucks, I legitimately like the owners but I’m afraid there not much I can do to assist or help.

On the other end I’m involved with some great open source teams that I’ve learned a bunch from and really appreciate. Ultimately I just wanna find somewhere accepting, I know I’m a novice and junior at best and need an environment that will help me grow not try to reinforce that doubt and make me feel bad.


Please be nice a receptive to Novices/Juniors who’s end up on your team we probably think you’re really cool and just want to help and we’re sorry for not being experts. 😕

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    Learn the code, learn the technologies, learn to fix it. You are being paid to learn, and then apply.
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    Just reading this I can tell you are better than an intern. When I started my internship I was utterly pathetic.

    Anyway point is build some stuff, make them public, push it on your CV, you will get a job.

    Half the devs I work with got their job purely because it was them or no one. That's Europe.
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    I agree and would like to do exactly that. My first meeting all I asked was what to learn/ attempt. I was told to go thru the getting started and I would be fine...not the case. Went thru more built my own small projects in the framework still nothing.

    I can try harder though, I wasn’t expecting to be handed anything just not misdirected. Which if you could sit in on our conversations you would see why I feel unwanted and everything else but ok
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    "Half the devs I work with got their job purely because it was them or no one."

    Yeah, people I worked with at my old job tried to hire someone to "do what I do". They were shocked what his contract rates were. I left because they were paying slave wages. Good people, but clueless about people needing to pay bills. I still do work for them on a contract basis, but at the rate I am currently employed at with my new job.
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