MySQL 5.7.32 breaks innodb zlib compression in combination with xtrabackup.

Oracle started the trend to break GA cycles....


Seems like the MySQL ecosystem finally splits in MariaDB (as 10.5 renamed MySQL to Mariadb) and MySQL.

I hope Oracle MySQL dies.

What Oracle does is beyond madness.

MariaDB 10.5 has it's troubles too. But at least you can look up their sources, check their bugtracker and don't get surprise foot fisting up your arse.

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    It's already dead to me :)
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    @SortOfTested hm, I like MariaDB.

    Postgres has this... Academic feeling.

    It works. But feels... Unneccessarily complicated.

    Have I missed other RDBMs / OpenSource? ;)
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    Oracle does it to discourage open source in favor of their other DB.

    They are doing the same to java.

    Later versions than 8 are no longer free to use for companies if I read the terms correctly.
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    @Voxera Yes and no.

    Java is different as OpenJDK exists - and since v11 there's no "real" difference between OpenJDK and Oracle JDK.

    Plus OpenJDK is backed by major companies.
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    Fuck oracle as a whole. Their entire company values are backwards and real of corporate decisions
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    Man imagine using something not foss in your tech stack in 2020
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    @IntrusionCM well openjdk is not managed by oracle, is it?

    And in that case its quite similar to mariadb, both are free alternatives to oracles lock in.
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    @Voxera yes. Misinterpretated your comment.
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