Writing coroutines for io_uring. Submissions aren't working (they go through but the operation never seems to complete). Just fixed a few segfaults because of error cases not destroying coroutine handles correctly. Been on this for two days, finding more and more things I need to do that unrelated to the task at hand. Don't have issue tracking set up yet because haven't had time. Mountain of things that need to get working just for a demo is only growing. Layered maps of data structures and code flow are in my head as I'm trying to mentally debug some of this. I'm focused, completely dead to the outside world.

Then I feel a small scratch on my cheek. Three hours of mental mapping and a deep stack of thought, vanishes into thin air in a single moment.

The trade-off is worth it though.

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    ;) sweet

    I have really high hopes for io_uring although it seems to be still in a hot change phase.

    It's one of the weak points in Linux.
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    Yep. I'm definitely building something now to be ready for when it's all hardened in the future. First time in a while I actually feel early about something.
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    "The bird feeder needs seed. *scratch*"
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    B I R B
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    @SortOfTested That is exactly what he was saying, though more specifically that I am the bird feeder and I need to give him seed.
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    Developers really have birds on their shoulders?
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    "i think you need a break, so feed me"
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    @theabbie Yes, constantly. Didn't you get the pamphlet when you signed your developer's contract?
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    That’s a nice Solomon Island Eclectus you’ve got there!
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    @TheOracle Actually he's Aru Island, we think. :)
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