There is a University in Karnataka, India called VTU, whose exam paper re-evaluation fee costs more than the exam fees, moreover they'll fail you to make money.
Syllabus remains outdated from a decade or two. You'll be considered great if you managed to mugup the stuff for exams to take ranks.
If anyone relies on it's syllabus, then it's decided that they're gonna be the donkey among whom it produces every year.
You'll only become a true engineer if you realise this truth and seek the real educational resources online.
I saved myself by dropping off the college an year ago, which was the best thing I've ever done. I can make as many projects I can (fullstack web).
I'm here to find out, are there any successful VTU drop-outs out there? or am I alone (maybe successful in future).....

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    I am a VTU graduate. I agree with the point that they don't have the latest and the greatest tech/language in their syllabus. But I also belive that what they do have in the syllabus is not outdated, rather it is fundamental computer science. Trust me, understanding those concepts will help you in better understanding the mordern tools/language that you are going to use in the future. It also helps you understand what's going under the hood.

    They "teach" computer science and not programming.
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    @NOOB4LIFE You have a point. But you can't learn to drive a car by just drawing a picture of a car and explaining it for pages. You can only drive a car if you sit inside a car and handle steering brake accelerator, etc. I'm that kind of person (atleast). Their syllabus structuring is bad. It succeeds in dipping students into chaos.
    I've seen many students in chaos after completing the degree (although good CGPA). They end up taking courses after the degree. Because, they had wasted their whole time by completing the freaking assignments.
    Only few guys who keep seeking resources online endup coding (freeCodeCamp, GeeksForGeeks, sololearn, Coursera, Udemy, stackoverflow, reddit). Others endup in helloworld.
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    @VivekS98 ahh the old "you can't learn to swim by reading a book" comparison..
    trust me bro I'm from similar clg and
    @NOOB4LIFE is right, you'll have to learn those fundamentals

    management and teachers don't give a fuck if you learn anything or not.. its 100% up to you. think about the exams or the assignments as chores.. you fucking hate it but you have to do it

    yes you don't get to learn the latest most trending languages / frameworks in your clg but there's a reason for it.. the whole point is for you to understand the core concepts.. basic fundamentals like system architecture,compiler design,design patterns,oops concepts ,algorithms,"Engineering".

    college education don't make you a full stack machine learning block chain based AI database devops specialist.. it make you an "Engineer" you'll have to do the rest yourself
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    U r right. I had learnt java & oops way before I saw it in one of the semesters. I loved it. Moreover, no lecturer were good in teaching "algorithms & complexity". I had to go seek HackerRank, GeeksForGeeks, etc.
    I completely agree with you. My hate is only towards VTU. But I like autonomous colleges. Their syllabus is way better.
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    I also watch MIT-OCW on YouTube, if you are familiar with it.
    My hate is only against VTU. They'll fail students specifically to earn money, as their re-evaluation fee costs more than the exam fees. Lot of controversies have happened in last decade regarding this issue. People in VTU are money minded. It's filled with currupt people from govt. (Belgaum)
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