The internet dev community is so funny
-Everyone loves js
-Everyone hates js
-Everyone loves react
-Everyone hates react
-Everyone hates angular

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    Meanwhile, in my company: "Angular money printer... just prints lots of money silently because it doesn't have a ton of sloppy, non-perfomant code rattling around going 'brrrrrrr'."
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    I loved Angular when I checked out the FE world :(
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    Ooh ya Angular san spank me harder babe
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    Hate windows and hate php no?
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    -Everyone uses arch
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    Angular.js is a fucking pile of shit, BUT I'm working with Angular 9/10 for 5 months now and it's really nice actually. I would even prefer it more then React.
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    Angular for the win <3
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    It all start with "Okay so, it's not that simple..."
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