Last month btc price increased by 25%. Is it still worth speculating with BTC?

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    Math.rand() < 0.5
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    Bitcoins are a long term scam. Someone has to pay for the party
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    @jespersh 🙄

    @zemaitis You should look into learning technical analysis. That will answer (and continue answering) your question.
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    @Root thanks for the term
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    🤔now I'm confused.

    Opens Devrant, views this rant.
    "You have Mail" and it didn't get picked up by spam.

    Something phishy going on here.
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    Bitcoin is a very frustrating way to lose your money.

    If you hate being happy and you also hate having money, go for it!!!

    P.S. Not a bubble!!!
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    And yes I fully recognize the irony that I just sold my bitcoin after making $5 profit off my $25 investment
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    Is there some disaster in IRL markets prompting this that we're likely to hear about soon?
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    @d4ng3r0u5 CD Projekt Red's share price fell 25% because of the delay, who knows what that'll mean!
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