Welcome to the 10000 club! I hope you feel better soon.

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    FX [ Smiles @ waves from far far away . . . ]

    Though I think I should stop doing that, since usually what happens if folk stop talking to me, since I guess they just like local friends !

    You never see that on Star Trek though do you, folk on any particular planet saying they are only friends with other folk on the planet who live on their doorstep..

    No, its always some kind of global village. ( Kinda like devRant.. ) Where folk aren't shocked that you might actually live 6,000km away, and not just in the next town.

    So, does this mean I should start a new toon and start levelling that, or work on improving my gear..
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    @Nanos Wait a second... If you're not the guy in the next room. WHO IS IT?!

    @rutee07 Help
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