I'm sea sick. Feel like migraine started becoming a real person and kicking me.

This whole site is just so fucking shitty.

Everythings moving. Spinning. Neon bright.

If anyone of you were responsible for that, I hope a ghost bites you everytime in your private parts while shitting....

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    I can feel my heartbeat in my head after looking at that
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    I like it.
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    I do like artifactory, even if its overpriced
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    @SortOfTested I'll let myself surprised.

    The basic idea of "caching everything binary" is great.

    But from experience I know that there are lots of possible caveats in software caching implementations.

    Especially regarding GPG / signed, retention policies and deduplication...

    I tried understanding their Website for half an hour, after that this rant and now someone else has to play secretary for me and get me a demo for evaluation via customer support.

    I hope the demo is better...

    Cause I was not joking about the migraine.
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    In places where we've had it, it has been pretty cable as part of a build and deployment system. With the advent of containers though, it's not all that valuable for software companies.
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