Don't be a dev if it's just not for you.

It's not for everyone, and you should figure this out at the very early stages of your education. The ones it's not for that still persist will hate their life. And leave their job. And leave unfinished, crappy code behind for the rest of us to clean up.

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    I hated the subject, pushed through, still hated, after 1 year started to get interested, some years later it's my passion.

    Hard to say what will happen.
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    @craig939393 Good on you - impressed that you stuck with it!
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    @devdiddydog almost quit but it's hard to quit an internship that makes up 1 year of your degree.

    I had less than 10 hours of programming experience going in and I had 3 months to learn the entire stack, and work solo projects. Ego destroyed.
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