Why are competitive programmers so competitive about everything? They don't help anyone, they don't even let others let help anyone. Everything's a competition to them. Most of them are FAANG sexual.

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    They’re braindead and need something to fuel it
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    Hahaha just had a discussion with a friend on how this competitive culture is becoming toxic where we end up comparing ourselves with others on all wrong and assumed parameters which have no real impact whatsoever.

    What's worse is, this rat race mentality is affecting everyone of us where we try to not share anything with anyone and the entire squad suffers.

    And I lol-ed at FAANG sexual.
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    @F1973 right? Developer communities are supposed to be helpful. Even I don't have a great peer group because of the competitive nature of people around me. Everyone just tries to exploit you and so I prefer keeping most of the things to myself these days. Wish that could change.
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    @example-user I seriously doubt if hard core competitive programmers can make good developers.
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    @ayushjn We all are cog in the system. Sab jagah aisa hi hai bhai.. sab chutiyapa hai..

    Tribes become toxic when they start growing.
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    Yes man
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    I guess these kind of people try to compensate for the fact that they don't have the skills to work properly in a team, which is required in most complex projects.
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    Just sounds like a bunch of assholes tbh. Some of the best competitive types I know are also nice people, and at max they have friendly rivalries.
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