Why are competitive programmers so competitive about everything? They don't help anyone, they don't even let others let help anyone. Everything's a competition to them. Most of them are FAANG sexual.

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    They’re braindead and need something to fuel it
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    @F1973 right? Developer communities are supposed to be helpful. Even I don't have a great peer group because of the competitive nature of people around me. Everyone just tries to exploit you and so I prefer keeping most of the things to myself these days. Wish that could change.
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    @example-user I seriously doubt if hard core competitive programmers can make good developers.
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    Yes man
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    I guess these kind of people try to compensate for the fact that they don't have the skills to work properly in a team, which is required in most complex projects.
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    Just sounds like a bunch of assholes tbh. Some of the best competitive types I know are also nice people, and at max they have friendly rivalries.
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