LOL, somebody thought Zoom was secure! Hahahahaha! Some people were caught planning violence and a potential coup...on...Zoom!

The lack of understanding of technology creates interesting convergences of events.

So, if you are planning to break the law, don't use Zoom. Mmmkay?

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    Or if you love your organs.
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    so the only thing i find when searching google news "zoom coup" is from "fox news" 🤨
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    @heyheni I am trying to remain apolitical here. The point is that people not understanding tech is funny. Regardless of who does this.

    Google keeps taking down the leaked zoom call. I think it is because it talks about violence and planning violence. This is all I could find:


    If this is not good I can delete this post.
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    @Demolishun Of course Google keeps removing it. They want Trump to lose, though I have no idea why they would. Biden winning the election means Harris is president and Pelosi is speaker, and they both want to break up big tech companies — especially Facebook and Google. They also want to tax them at 75% or higher. Why would execs want a president that will tax their companies into oblivion and break them up? Politics aside, that’s a company vying for its own destruction.

    Though honestly the more likely outcome isn’t breaking up and destroying the big tech companies, as they’re too powerful and useful of tools; it would be nationalizing them, if not officially. They would be run and protected by the government, and continue to be used for spying and propaganda. Perhaps they’ve already come to a similar agreement.
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    @Root They are already doing this. The ties are deep. Deep deep state of affairs... lol
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    @Root I find the entire idea behind turning US into a socialist country laughable, right now USA is one of the few countries of the free world, that fills the void of keeping the millitary, technology advancement above countries like china due the huge free market and capatlism, which makes it a heaven for huge companies to grow, as well as the startup culture.

    Also the idea of politicians can force and rule private companies as they want, is pretty frightening.

    Also if you allow the idea of being able to tax more money on the rich, you should allow theives to being able to steal your stuff, if we apply the logic of all people should be equal.
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    Michigander checking in.

    Certain people “protested” with guns in our capital. At the time some were arrested for making threats.

    Then months later, some of those same people were caught plotting a direct attack on elected officials.

    Now, without “picking sides” here... have you seen these people’s mugshots? Shit looks like 2 houses down from fucking Letterkenny mixed with 10 generations of fetal alcohol syndrome.

    Point being, western democracy might well survive this... not because it is particularly strong, but because enemies of democracy are, to the man, fucking retards.
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