If you don’t like to deal with lots of idiots and assholes before you find some decent project and coworkers.

If you don’t mind that half of people you work with have ‘God complex’ and other half want to tell you that it’s easy.

If you got yourself prepared that lots of managers will try to fuck you and treat you like shit in front of your coworkers.
Lots of things that you write would end up in trash cause of wrongly defined requirements.
There is high chance that at the end you will write some excel glue code.

If you are not naive materialistic bitch or you have not strong will to change jobs and don’t give a fuck about past until you find a dream company everyone is writing about in HR job descriptions.

Good Luck.

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    All of course if you want to work as dev and try to get money for writing code.

    If you plan to just write some code and have no interest in dev job go ahead and do some dev. It’s the best thing in the world to do right now.
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    I have this theory similar to Dunning Kruger where the more asshole the manager is, it’s because they feel more insecure, because deep down they know they’re the dumbest person in the room.

    Competent managers are rarely dicks.

    And the worst manager I ever had couldn’t code themselves out of an ICU.
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