I'm not even that old and I've had it with young cocksure, full of them self language/environment evangelists.

- "C# is always better than Java, don't bother learning it"

- "Lol python is all you need"

- "Omg windows/linux/mac sucks use this instead"

The list goes on really, at some point you have got to realize that while specialization is great, you have to learn a little bit of everything. It broadens you horizon a lot.

Yea, C# does some nifty stuff, but Java does too, learn both. Yea I'm sure Linux is better for hosting docker containers, but your clients are on mac or windows, learn to at least navigate and operate all three etc. Embrace knowledge from all the different tech camps it can only do you good and you will be so much more flexible and employable than your close minded peers :)

Hell even PHP has a lot to teach us (Even more than just to be a bad example, har har)

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    Oh and while I am on the subject, go for a run or bike etc. every (other?) day. It does WONDERS for your code quality it really does
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    @rooter I use python for AWS Lamda scripts.

    That’s about it.

    But I get to hate the language now!
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    Languages and environments are specifics, learn fundamentals. They're the same across all of them. I've never seen a person with solid fundamentals complain about switching (or at least not as much as those who only knew specifics).
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    Obviously, OCaml is the best language!!!!1111
    And instead of something as fat as a full OS, you then naturally go for Mirage OS...
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    Couldn't agree more with the "learn more tools" point. There's a high merit in at least broadening your awareness of various paradigms, languages, etc., since you break the echo chamber you might persist in.

    That said, evangelism has its own purpose. If it wasn't for these loonies, you wouldn't even know of some nice projects, so they serve the cause.
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    Oh god I hate these people.
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    All hail php
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    So true.
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    @RememberMe I am 100% with you there!
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