I've heard "someone" saying, that typescript and c# are somewhat similar. Now I've never worked with c#, but I still doubt it. What do you, human of devRant, think?

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    new KindOf<ButNot>()
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    Eh... Wat? That sounds like blasphemy
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    They're designed by the same guy (Anders Hejlsberg, look him up) and with a similar purpose: C# to sort out software development and hacky approaches for Windows, and TypeScript to do the same for the web.

    So clearly the resulting languages will be quite similar as well.
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    I currently work with angular and. Net core. They are as close to each other as with any other oop language.
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    @hitko Thanks!
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    As I understand it TypeScript got developed because Microsoft/C# Developers got fed up with javascripts type system. So they put all their energy to deliver us the blessings of a static type system, and we thank them by using var name: any everywhere.
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    They were created the same person, so they naturally have similarities. They solve different problems on different spaces though. They have similar solutions to analogous problems.
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    Haha, where I work :any is 100% PR rejection.
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