I really don't understand this particular Government Department's IT Unit. They have a system and network to maintain except:

- They don't have a DBA
- They don't have a dedicated Network Engineer or Security Staff
- Zero documentation on all of the systems that they are taking care of (its all in each assigned particular staff's brain they said)
- Unsure and untested way of restoring a backup into a system
- Server passwords are too simple and only one person was holding this whole time and its to an Administrator account. No individual user account.
- System was developed by an in-house developer who is now retired and left very little documentation on its usage but nothing on how its setup.

But, the system has been up and operational for the past 20 years and no major issues whatsoever with the users using it. I mean its a super simple system setup from the looks of it.

1 App Server connected to 1 DB Server, to serve 20-30 users. But it contains millions of records (2GB worth of data dump). I'm trying to swing to them to get me on a part time work to fix these gaps.

God save them for another 20 years.

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    Sounds like a very typical government setup
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    @dan-pud I wish it wasn't tho.
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    Sounds like every other understaffed company. Especially dedicated DBAs and Security persons are hard to get, and small, little paying companies / governments aren't the most popular places in general.

    Missing dedicated users, bad or zero documentation and weak passwords (and likely missing password management) are common, but cannot be excused if there are more than two IT persons (of course, they are wrong if there is only one person, too).
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