And no break for a programmer ;-;

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    @Letmecode Just think of it as "do something once, in a while (loop)".
    Also, grant it some punnetic license! 😅
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    @Letmecode I've re-read a couple times and now I read it like:
    "ask a programmer to do something once (they are) in a while"..

    as in "upon entering" - but my English is horrible, I'm far too Australian to be literate.
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    I am not good at English as it is my third or fourth language but I think "once in awhile" means from time to time.
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    I suspect they mean while (1){
    //Do something useful}
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    It's true, as long as we don't break anything #punintended
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    No no, you need to define a truthy condition for that while loop... Otherwise it will never happen.
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