FML having to take on and support a python test framework that looks like it was written by a junior C embedded dev without a mentor.

- Imports everywhere in the code
- No abstraction or OOP
- sys.path.append fest (broken imports of course)
- Global variables fest
- No docstrings
- No readme
- Somehow mixed with a jUnit test framework as well
- Uses Windows environment variables profusely
- Pycharm has a stroke when I open files from this project

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    Lol why would you test python code or expect any best practices? It's just a script.
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    @nitwhiz it's a python test framework not a script.

    Also even if you made a script, it does not mean you should botch it anyways. Making it work is not enough, especially if it is being used on build machines and on production servers.
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    Stop complaining and start fixing it one by one 😜😛
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    @rodrigograca31 yeah I know lol. Feels good to vent though
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    you'd think they'd use venv.

    Once I found it, it made a world of difference.
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