I hate rdp (Microsoft remote desktop)

I just hate it – that's the rant

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    So you rant about your hate. Do you also hate your hate?
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    @electrineer no I think it's well reasoned
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    Just use chrome Remote Desktop, duh
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    What do you hate about it ?

    Whilst I'm at it, where can you download it these days for Windows 10 that doesn't require you to get it via the MS store ? (And thus, logged in there..)
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    SSH is all you need
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    @Nanos I'm talking about the "classic" remote desktop (mstsc.exe)
    It swallows Ctrl+Alt+ArrowKey hotkeys and you cannot disable that. And I use hotkeys like this 24/7 in vscode....
    The new RDP from the store apparently doesn't do that, but I can't use the Microsoft store on my company pc.

    @SortOfTested I can't do anything on my host system, no admin rights and not even an IDE, notepad++ is as far as it gets.
    So I'm RDPint into virtual machines where I have admin rights and actually develop my stuff.
    SSH on windows is horrible with putty and I'm not quite ready to go full terminal yet.
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    @example-user I don't know that it existed and somehow I already feel like it's horrible
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    The recent vulnerabilities are quite bad for RDP.

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    @LotsOfCaffeine As Long as you use it for privat use, it’s super dandy and really easy.

    You could use it in enterprise.. but.. not even I trust Google enough for that.

    „just need a Google account“
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    @irene With the sheer amount of security vulnerabilties I always like to think RDP was a deliberately designed backdoor for the NSA

    Either that or Microsoft let the interns have a crack at it
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    @12bitfloat fortunately one can tunnel RDP through SSH.

    Yep. The old SSH condom.
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    @example-user you need an account? Wtf?
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    @LotsOfCaffeine At least you don’t Need to manage all your connection keys and shit. Plus you can use it anywhere from the web.
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    @example-user I'll take having to generate an rsa key once over needing a google account to access my computer
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    @example-user yes, it's great but it destroyed the logins of a two Linux machines (both xubuntu?) I have. After fixing that, can't imagine a better one. I once installed a browser on my vps using x11 forwarding, installed desktop manager and installed Google remote desktop. This is how you do decent pycharm on your chromebook or just on every browser in the workd 😁

    Anyone using chrome remote desktop? I think it's underrated
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    > I'm talking about the "classic" remote

    > desktop (mstsc.exe)

    I really liked that, it was simple, always worked for me, and didn't take up someone else's desktop..

    But where can I get a copy to run in Windows 10 ?
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    @Nanos just run mstsc.exe?

    I have it available on my personal Win10 Pro machine

    It's probably not a thing on the home edition
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    Thanks !

    Now I just have to remember how to use it since its been so long !

    I found it hiding in C:\Windows\System32 folder.
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