I hate rdp (Microsoft remote desktop)

I just hate it – that's the rant

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    So you rant about your hate. Do you also hate your hate?
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    @electrineer no I think it's well reasoned
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    Just use chrome Remote Desktop, duh
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    What do you hate about it ?

    Whilst I'm at it, where can you download it these days for Windows 10 that doesn't require you to get it via the MS store ? (And thus, logged in there..)
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    SSH is all you need
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    @Nanos I'm talking about the "classic" remote desktop (mstsc.exe)
    It swallows Ctrl+Alt+ArrowKey hotkeys and you cannot disable that. And I use hotkeys like this 24/7 in vscode....
    The new RDP from the store apparently doesn't do that, but I can't use the Microsoft store on my company pc.

    @SortOfTested I can't do anything on my host system, no admin rights and not even an IDE, notepad++ is as far as it gets.
    So I'm RDPint into virtual machines where I have admin rights and actually develop my stuff.
    SSH on windows is horrible with putty and I'm not quite ready to go full terminal yet.
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    @example-user I don't know that it existed and somehow I already feel like it's horrible
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    The recent vulnerabilities are quite bad for RDP.

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    @LotsOfCaffeine As Long as you use it for privat use, it’s super dandy and really easy.

    You could use it in enterprise.. but.. not even I trust Google enough for that.

    „just need a Google account“
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    @irene With the sheer amount of security vulnerabilties I always like to think RDP was a deliberately designed backdoor for the NSA

    Either that or Microsoft let the interns have a crack at it
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    @12bitfloat fortunately one can tunnel RDP through SSH.

    Yep. The old SSH condom.
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    @example-user you need an account? Wtf?
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    @LotsOfCaffeine At least you don’t Need to manage all your connection keys and shit. Plus you can use it anywhere from the web.
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    @example-user I'll take having to generate an rsa key once over needing a google account to access my computer
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    > I'm talking about the "classic" remote

    > desktop (mstsc.exe)

    I really liked that, it was simple, always worked for me, and didn't take up someone else's desktop..

    But where can I get a copy to run in Windows 10 ?
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    @Nanos just run mstsc.exe?

    I have it available on my personal Win10 Pro machine

    It's probably not a thing on the home edition
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    Thanks !

    Now I just have to remember how to use it since its been so long !

    I found it hiding in C:\Windows\System32 folder.
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