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    If I were cutting and pasting screengrabs from wikipedia and shitposting them under the guise of humor at least my screengrabs would be in 5K clarity because I'm not slumming it at 1080p on Windows like a fuckin caveman.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi Don't hate the player, hate the Devrant image compression algorithm.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi I am by definition a caveman so your argument is invalid.
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    HTML is a programming language

    — Sent from iPhone
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    According to group 2 html is actually a programming language, as well as for example mpeg standards
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    @kiki yeah. Brainfuck is also a programming language. So what's the point?
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi Hold your tongue and say "apple user"...
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