Im currently working on a third world Software Dev Agency as Backend Engineer for 250 bucks. My friend, with same experience than me, got a job on an startup and is getting 4k as Frontend Engineer with something of Backend. Yes, i tried to apply at startups too, but no response never.

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    Maybe learn more about marketing and how to sell stuff.
    And maybe you start proactively googeling software companies for example in Spain. And offer your services for something like 1250 € a month which is a wage way less than spanish devs get but you can comfortably live in venezuela?
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    valid point but come-on @F1973 at least take a look at EL Papi's profile first ­čÖé
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    I agree with the "learn to sell yourself" comments, though I think not being able to sell yourself is just a symptom, not a missing skill.

    The companies you apply to only respect you as much as you respect yourself. If you're confident in your own skills it would show in the resume and later in the interviews. Stop being a wet blanket and actually start trying to get a better job, and you'll have a nice one in no time
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    Wait... 250 per month?

    Should we do a collective interview here? XD

    Are you any good? Man, I'm going to check with my CEO if we have a spot here, remotely.

    I can't let you submit to that shitty 250/month brother.
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    @Hazarth i never underestimate my self, i have true skills and i know the stuff, i will keep applying to new jobs from now, a new batch of applications and see if i got something. I will update mt resume accordingly, Thanks!
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    @WeAreMany This is an interesting idea


    what's the tech stack you're most familiar, what other auxilary skills you have, and do you have any public projects to check out?
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    @WeAreMany hello!! Thanks, that will be awesome, you can check my LinkedIn profile, you will see all the updated details of my professional profile there. (My LinkedIn link is on my devRanr profile)

    Actually with my brother job, we sum both salaries (more or less 500) and are able to live with our mom, there is always food on the table
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    @Hazarth Yeah! check my LinkedIn, and my Github



    Ultimately I don't update too much my open projects, bc despite that low wages, they always assign lot of projects with close milestones
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    @Hazarth Im currently a very diverse Developer, my main skillset is Backend Engineer (Python with Django, Flask and FastAPI, several ORMs and lot of other stuff), i know Deep Learning at a very good level (but i stopped updating my skills there due to current job) and soft DevOps ( i like to design systems, specially Microservices architectures) i know Kubernetes at basic level, and wrote lots of CI/CD Pipelines. I have soft Frontend skills, using Vue and Nuxt.
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    Market your skills instead of just agreeing with what you're offered. Go set a high price tag on your resume right now and mass send it off to the companies you think you'd want to notice you. Not to the one you actually desperately want to end up in. Try to go for an interview, discuss more than just hard skills (soft skills matter a lot if not more than hard ones), take note of what you fail to answer to.

    Note: price tag matters. The lower tags can deter the big companies from actually hiring you because your self-evaluation makes a difference as well.

    As of resumes, try to keep them short and on topic. Don't spam the auxiliary stuff, you won't need it, and the employer doesn't care about it. Additional topics may also become your pain points, leading interviewers into prying hard on them because they happen to be their hobbies, so even if you're insanely generalist about your stack, just don't. Hope that helps.
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    Forgot to add this: try to avoid outsource bodyshops. These will make you suffer and they generally offer lower paychecks while treating you like crap.
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    @ElPapi42 I'll reach out via LinkedIn. I'm off for a couple weeks though so it might be later.

    We'll do a quick talk, nothing to worry about, at the very least I can give you a few tips here and there ;). Then we'll see where it leads us.
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    @WeAreMany will be awesome!
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