Me: So what if this field has no info?

NonDev Manager: There should always be data in that field.

Me: *Shows the field has default set as null*

NonDev Manager: *thinks thinks thinks*, but they are always added...how...if...

Me: I'll default to X behavior.
NonDev Manager: ...Yeah...do that.

I know what should happen but it's so fun to see non-dev's scratch their heads with business logic edge cases that seem nonsensical to them. Yeah I'm a bit of a dick.

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    If the value always has something, I would think the front always sends something.

    Why is a default value better then null?
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    @mundo03 I don’t recall the details on this issue, but that’s part of the system that is ever changing and it has some legacy stuff mixed in
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    @JKyll i mean, kt does make sense, and it does look like the right thing to do. But I was just wondering.
    Thanks for replying
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