God I hate React so bad
I get the hype but omg it is so confusing
Literally everytime I try adding something nothing works and I have to troubleshoot, EVERYTHING is a problem
And don't even get me started on REACT + TYPESCRIPT

IMO VueJS is just a smoother nicer experience overall

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    Definitely prefer things designed with typescript in mind. Tends to be better software, less bolted on.
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    @vigidis so basically everything new & unfamiliar is the worst ever
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    React + TS is also smooth if you know what you are doing.

    After year of experience of AngularJS I switched to react, invested some time to learn and to pick up some good practices, easy peasy.

    After having a lot of experience with react i tried to made something with vue.

    It was so freaking easy it felt like cheating.

    Also if you are not fan of Typescript and working with JavaScript, at least try to use Flow.
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    Yeaaaah I know it must be great and smooth once you know what you're doing but I just needed to vent hahaha
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    @TonyLeTigre that's completely understandable and acceptable

    especially when having deadlines and learning new tech at the same time!

    I hope it all gets better for you soon! =)
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    I think we'll be seeing a trend towards less 'heavy' frameworks. I recently started using Svelte, its like react but tiny file sizes. i used to be a react fanboy but honestly svelte is just too amazing
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    thinking about giving react + typescript a go soon, hopefully it's smooth as people make it out to be.
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