Do you know other fields affected by imposter syndrome?
Feels like it should be a more common problem, but I rarely hear people outside of computer stuff complaining about it

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    Nope. Most other professional fields have higher accreditation standards, apprenticeship programs, etc. Very few other fields, especially engineering fields would just let someone take a boot camp and start working.

    It's a side effect of constant efforts to commoditize our skillset and labor classification to drive down wages.
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    *connects the dots with Stokholm syndrome*
    ... R-right.
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    Nope, most other fields stop the further and continuous education required to maintain a level of knowledge required to exist in this field.

    Software is a weird breed of engineering where the basics are basic and sadly you have to keep relearning them all the time. Generally speaking other fields have their basics and they are pretty constant.
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    @C0D4 and you also have a constant demand for more people making it easy for new people to get into the deep waters faster than in most other fields and often without more experienced people to guide you.

    You end up being asked to do things you hardly master by people knowing even less :) while you think they know more, enhancing the fear of being “found out”
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    @rotten good question
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    I'd be surprised if it doesn't happen in medicine, where your fuck-up can, you know, actually kill someone.
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    Apparently it's a major thing in academia as well, judging by the number of questions related to this on academia.stackexchange
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    Medicine, Law, Teaching, Engineering, Philosophy, Religion, Science (all disciplines)

    You name it, you find such people. It is just a basic Human characteristic. Just the degree varies
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    I’d argue that it can happen in anything where imagination and creativity are involved e.g drawing, music etc...
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