Imagine companies start charging us for updates...
Oh you want to newest version of iOS? That’ll be $90.

VScode will now be stuck on version 1.51 unless you pay a fee of $20 for it to be able to update this next year.

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    Shut the fuck up you give em an idea lmao
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    Microsoft has come up with something even more ingenious: charge you for being able to delay updates.
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    Apple used to charge for MacOS upgrades.

    Microsoft unless OEM license, was always charged for, windows 10 changed that, but now we pay with unstable updates.
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    @C0D4 Ironically, that's one reason why Win 10 is too expensive IMO.
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    I don't mind as long as they don't do it for security updates and stop all the other crap (turning is into the product).

    Continuous Development and support is not for free. We are lucky with lots off open source but we take everything "free" for granted. This is why we have so much fucked up sites with adds cookiewalls and data mining from browser to OS level going on.
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    This is how software used to be, especially b2b. I don't mind. It actually makes sense if you think about it
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    there is nothing wrong with charging for updates
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    @hjk101 very well said
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    Just use FOSS, turn yourself into a message instead of being a product. These proprietary operating systems are garbage anyway.
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    A lot of software charges for updates. Adobe and Autodesk's subscription models are basically the evolution of paying for updates. A lot of industry software offer 'maintenance' fees on a yearly basis which include updates.

    It's really not that uncommon.
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    I wouldn’t mind so long as it isn’t for security updates.

    Came here to say what @hjk101 @gibus did 😊 There is no free lunch.
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