Yesterday I found out that the dirt bag/filter in my vacuum was missing.... So all the dirt ended up in or around the fan... Still worked though but I figured should get a replacement bag... Which isn't should separately.

So I pull up the order in Amazon and go to the product page to see how much it cost.

List price was $30 but there happened to be a lightning deal reducing it to **24.99**

So I just bought it because I happened to be on 30-day Prime trial... So had free shipping no matter what.

But I wonder now was it actually perfect luck or an algorithm at work...

Would I have bought it at $30 or if I didn't have Prime and needed to make up the 1c?

Was this basically just tricking me into buying asap and trying to convince me to keep prime...

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    No they just make everything cheaper for prime users so it spread by word so more ppl buy prime
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    @frogstair but this was a lightning deal... though I didn't verify that I could see it if not logged in...
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    @donuts yeah it's always a lightning deal for prime users
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    Sounds very expensive still for only one bag.

    How long did you vacuum without the bag? Many years?

    There are commonly a couple filters before and after the motor that can be changed too. Maybe those collected most of the dust.
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    @electrineer $25 for as new vacuum. Not just the filter, but that thing in the middle not supposed to throw that out, just clean it after awhile...

    Except someone threw it away. Am 75% sure it wasn't me...

    Can't get a replacement so bought the whole vacuum again.
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    @electrineer probably a few months, only vacuumed a few times.

    Yes there was a line hepa filter covering the fan is self that caught some but after removing it saw there were large chunk of dust behind it. Got those out too but sorta amazed it didn't break... Or catch on fire... Not sure would it?
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    @donuts maybe it could at least release smoke if the fan is blocked from spinning and it lacks protection
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    @frogstair just checked though, deal gone though there's a 5% off but that's like $1.50
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