It's the time of the year again...
From the best media player in the world.

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    @kalippu maybe your gpu isn't enough to play what you're trying to play? Never had a problem with vlc
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    @kalippu same. Also recently, after the windows anniversary update, if I pause the video for a longer period of like >5 minutes and hit resume the audio volume is jarringly loud and broken. The easiest way I found to fix it was to reselect the audio device from the menu. Or restart VLC again. Both of which are cumbersome.
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    MPC-HC all the way. But VLC for Android is amazing.
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    Sorry but on Windows nothing beats mpc. It can use every bit of hardware you have.
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    yeah mpc is the best choice for windows..
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    Box never fails me. Currently using it on my Macbook pro
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    @tahnik VLC uses FFmpeg back end, so if you choose GPU accelerated decoding in the preferences then it will use "every bit of hardware"... At least the Linux version. I'm not sure about W10.
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    @lksh best choice is whatever works best for the user. Surprised people still try a name one something as best still these days :p
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    @ScribeOfGoD very true. And if the program is open source then you'll see 10 versions of it with different names.

    People will recommend one of the ten versions, maybe even argue that it's the best. But, they don't realize that they're arguing for the same software.
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