I rebooted a device that everyone uses
It has not come online yet
It's been an hour, and counting...

What a good timing we're all working from home eh?

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    Sounds like fun.

    This makes me think about that one time I was on a roadtrip and I restarted Dnsmasq over remote ssh to my local network because I updated a few rules.

    The IP of the Raspberry changed because it was Dynamic and I was unable to do any of the work I was planning to do for 2 weeks.

    It happens to the best of us I guess. Also dynamic IPs suck

    Edit clarification: the IP changed because I used a script that completely restarts the service for apache2, mariadb, WPASupplicant, dnsmasq etc.
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    It's not the dynamic IP address for me. I still don't know what it is. Can ssh for a minute then get connection closed.
    Guess this could be why I'm going to the office soon
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    Okay that device everybody relies his life on (not really, it's in dev settings) is still down.

    Not my fault, not me.

    The device just wanted to take a break. Sometimes we just have to listen to its whisper.
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