Windows could learn a lot from this.

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    Ya keep on dreaming, Windows is best at fucking up people's work when it comes to updates and auto reboot :/
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    sleep 15 && init 6
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    yeah a reboot is REQUIRED. Same with windows. No difference there.
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    @ArcaneEye yeah, but if you go grab a coffee while doing some calculation or something and this pops up you are fucked :)
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    @sebastian lol no the point Is it just tells you that a reboot is necessary instead of just rebooting for you. Windows will show a dialog box but if you wait to long it will reboot regardless. Subtle but huge fucking difference
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    @sebastian and if you know what you are doing you can restart the services without rebooting. It's just a hell of a lot easier. Even kernel updates can be spliced in live.

    So yeah there is a difference besides the point the poster is trying to make. Important for us with critical workloads.
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    @azous I left my computer doing a 12 hours long simulation. When I got back I found all my programs closed and a happy message saying that I now have the latest version of Windows! And that's how I permantly switched to Linux!
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    @Axis to me the point is also how friendly and understanding the message is. Reboot when convenient? Now that’s respectful!
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