Me: "Delete this folder"
Windows: "Oki, done."
Me: "How is it still there, F5. Still there! Hey, you forgot to delete this one file. Fix it."
Windows: "Nope."
Me: "Why?"
Windows: "Requires permissions."
Me: "Eh, it was my file, but here you are, my admin credentials."
Windows: "None shall pass."
Me: "Wtf, this is my computer. Who owns this file?"
Windows: "No one."
Me: "What do you mean? Oh, time for your reboot pills, ms. Wandows."
Windows: "Noooooo... ... ... Welcome."
Me: "Ha, the file is gone. Glorious victory."
Windows: "It's just a flash wound."

Credit for style: https://mobile.twitter.com/cmurator...

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    @RememberMe This time the file was gone but its ghost remained until reboot.
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    @electrineer yeah, just saw. Lol. I initially thought you were talking about having trouble with permissions. Oops.
    Had a rough day.
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    I hate the permission fuckup in Win10. I had a couple of undeletable empty folders on my desktop. they had normal names, idk what was wrong with them. Explorer.exe was hanging as I tried to remove them. Admin cmd command was giving errors too. I think it took me a few days to figure out a way to remove them, I had to lunch cmd as System then run a couple of commands Ive never seen before
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    I think once I had a file named "?" or something with a question mark in it. It was a fucking nightmare deleting that shit...
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