Interactivity is one of the biggest advantages of virtual booths. Although the virtual attendees aren’t physically there, they can interact with your products and services through tours, demonstrations, and videos, and even get in touch with you through live chat.

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    This almost looks like an advertisement
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    But yes I agree that virtual booths are very interesting
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    I require virtual booty
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    We disabled video chat cause our customer support couldn’t stand another wankers attack.
    We still have our chat active but we’re already considering to close it due to amount of offensive comments from our beloved customers.
    Please watch our latest powerpoint presentation made with office 95.
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    @vane Thanks a lot. I will try to check it
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    @alexbrooklyn Hello Alex. Will you have a chance to discuss your needs with our CEO? Do you use Skype for fast communication?
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    @VirtualBooth do you also deliver male booty?
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    @alexbrooklyn What do you mean?

    Would you like to create a virtual booth for your business?
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    Nice Solution for new online Trade shows
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