I tried watching the NET conference on my Android phone and got ago while having breakfast but the video loads but then doesn't play.. Anyone else?

After trying in Firefox I just gave up and Tweeted about how this probably correlates with the quality of the update...

Good job screwing up a feature launch...

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    This success is brought to you by Blazor. When javascript thinks its package size is too large, Blazor says "hold my beer." 😎
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    @SortOfTested just read the specs so it's not like it translates C# to JS.... It needs to install a NET interpreter into client browser?

    So it's like Silver light or Flash....hm... Yes don't see how that's gonna work....
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    It's nowhere near that powerful of well thought out; de Icaza's team compiled mono to a wasm assembly. The wasm assembly loads the DLL, the DLL runs a full instance of the .Net application in the browser.

    Problem is, it's really fat, so it bounces off browser memory limits. And it will always lack certain hooks that are available in JS so the UI will always be limited without writing additional js.
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    Lol, My devs is currently rebuilding everything in blazor now
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    Kool-aid: consumed
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    @SortOfTested ah when you said WASM I was thinking WSDL/ASP and wondering how DLLs are supported in non-Windows environments... Haven't been up to date with NET in over 5 years...

    Wondering though can I port WPF apps and target not only desktop but also mobile, web (like xamarin) with this stuff? Maybe then might finally update myself...

    Last time I tried learning NET was when Win 8 came out and well ... I very quickly realized it was useless.
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    The final output for ui via wasm for rendering will always be html. They're working on porting some APIs, but they'll produce web-compatible output.
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