Best joke of the day is always reality. Im working in one of the richest companies in the world.
The spare part stock is tracked on an excell sheet and changes in stock filled by hand on paper.

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    "All enterprise software competes with Excel. All productivity software competes with emailing things to yourself."
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    Thats KISS for you
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    Bright is they're employing people. One of the firms I was at, had an 18 story building built like a ziggurat. 5 floors were filled with nothing but people taking paper order sheets out of mail envelopes, copying them onto paper and sending them to the distribution people.

    That building was quite empty when I left.
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    Proof that rich != smart.
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    You Just work for a traditional company.

    "That's how dad did it, that how America does it, and h it's worked out pretty good so far" -Tony stark
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    @SortOfTested it would be quicker to ocr it and then have visual inspection done by the people that normally do the copying.
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    That sounds like an old company that hasn't kept up with time or one that has an old-fashioned stubborn boss.
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