School's windows installations had the UAC set to lowest.
Anyone could install malware or fiddle with important settings.

Oh by the way, the same school who's gData found it funny to go through my USB drive and delete all executables and all my code because it was "possibly malicious".

Started installing random crap and messing with people in retaliation.
Was fun.
Until I got caught.
Good thing I compiled a list of security flaws earlier on.

From that day on, everytime I messed up, I sold them two security vulnerabilites to let me off the hook.
These included access to all kinds of drives in the windows network, accessing other PCs desktop, literally uninstalling random printers from the network etc..

Fun time.

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    Why if it isn't a business model! 😈
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    For some reason, there is no school with network drives that have proper permissions set up.
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    @PrivateGER Ours did, but we could mess with it all the same because some stupid sysadmin had a cronjob that ran all python scripts with his name in the first line as administrator.
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