It's getting close to that time of year when we are all encouraged to think of others and spread joy around the world. I've decided to go against my usual snarky/anti-social nature, and do something to help others this year.

I'm announcing the practiseSafeHex charitable fund, to give back and help others.

This fund will invest in cutting edge medical research to detect the genetic abnormality in humans that results in project managers not being able to comprehend the simplest of concepts.

Together we can find the reason why the concept "more meetings = less work" is uncomprehendible.

Together we can discover why we can't use an automated bot to generate reports, instead of spending hours in excel spreadsheets.

And together we will find a reason why the answer to the question "can we please just try it?" is always "No".

We do this not for ourselves for short term gains, we do this for the greater good. Together we can find the cause and build a test to filter these people out. So that never again will stressed out developers have to deal with these petty ridiculous issues.

Together, we will solve this!

practiseSafeHex, CEO and managing director of the practiseSafeHex charitable fund for the betterment of developer sanity

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    Here is some 🥛 as a contribution from my side.
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    why don't you sell your username for the fund..
    I'll start the bidding at 1$
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    There's no special time for that.
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    Is this a joke
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    Although I have alternative goals in mind, I too would find this quite helpful. There are far too many idiots in charge of their intellectual superiors. It's a Topsy-Turvy world we live in these days.
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    @linus-torvald reported as offensive
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    @F1973 wrong direction
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    @F1973 I’ll happily whore myself out, in exchange for this problem getting fixed once and for all
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    Sign me up. I can bring some test subjects.
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    I think your anger is misplaced. We should focus our research on how this particular breed of PM gets hired and not fired. In an environment where they cannot flourish they will either go extinct or adapt (hopefully for the better).
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