I was told by my aunt that my niece (who also lives in Colombia) would call me (I live in the Netherlands). When I asked why she would call my aunt responded saying that she did not know. I was happy, it is not very often that my Colombian family calls me.

So I waited.... and waited... and waited... finally she called very late. Turns out she wanted to ask me which Smartphone was better.... :-(.

That was a disappointment... Normally if I go visit my familly there in Colombia they bring all there devices and ask me if I can fix them or install a certain program on it. I dont mind doing that. It can be very interesting. For example: a few months ago another aunt asked me to look at her computer to find out why it was so slow... turned out she had a very old PC with Windows XP installed on it. I fixed the problem by installing light linux distro on the computer. (she only used the browser so that was not a big problem). But yeah... I played for a while with good old Windows XP.

Okay back to the beginning. It is awful if family just calls you to ask witch phone is better.

Thats all... :-)

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    Looks like they are your family only when they need you. Sad
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    @lamka02sk Well, thats not entirely true... for example: If I am in Colombia on vacation they are prepared to let me stay at there houses. We go to various tourist attractions... Eat in some nice restaurants...They are great. It is always very nice there! I have a great time.

    But yeah... It appears sometimes that even if I am on vacation or studying and working in the Netherlands. I am also working as the techsupport guy for my Colombian family.
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    It’s probably just a reason to call you, so you have something to talk about when they do call.

    If your niece is young you may not have that much in common with her. Tech is something you can speak about together.

    They probably subconscious think this is a way to interact with you with something you enjoy and are interested in.

    They love you, it’s there way of showing it.
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