Me after installing a game trainer :3

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    Alright, I am not sure how many people are aware of game trainers here, but game trainers are used to generating infinite money, weapons,bullet etc through a script. And everything looks as 9999... in the videogame
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    @ishank-dev pretty sure 99.9999999% are aware what those are.

    Kinda lowkey joke, also I think the post is better tagged with joke/meme.
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    in a game trainer when you change any value to infinite, this is how it looks in the game, so that's why those 9s are threre.
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    @bagfox hmm , can't edit it now
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    @r20408e122449d Are you someone who changed their username? Haven't seen you before
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    @ScriptCoded -red
    Remember him?
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    @frogstair @r20408e122449d Aaaaah. Now I see just a bunch of shit between the letters. Hi there :)
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    Just overflow it ffs. Can't be bothered to see the number of nines if there ain't no minus attached to it.
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    Takes 5 seconds. *Insert hackerman meme"
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