Yo, found a bug.

I get modify option on somebody else's comment somehow.

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    I think there is a bug report section on the settings menu
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    Clicking the modify still gives me report option, so just a UI thingy.
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    Known for years, like many bugs.
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    In the same register.
    I like StarCraft. I’m not very good at it in multiplayer, maybe average. Reached Platine once.
    During SC2 BETA, somehow, I was connected (With my logins) to a grand master profile.
    Wow, I never lost games so fast. I played 3 games before reporting the bug because I wanted to see how it feels to play at GM level.
    I ALMOST managed to win one. But at the end my micro skills weren’t enough.
    I’;ve built an army of ghosts against full Roches player. Sniping’s was VERY fun and he didn’t have detection. But ultimately he brought detector and my fun was over. (Bare in mind it was beta, Meta was shifting every day)
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    Unfortunately, now this option is not there.
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