Job posts that look for experience in everything! Experience in large scale enterprise kubernetes bullshit! What the fuck is kubernetes, a Greek god?? 4 plus years experience in aws! 5 years experience in cloud infrastructure scaling! 5 years experience in working with stakeholders and collaborating UX design! 5 years experience in React Native! 5 years experience in noSQL! 5 years experience in firebase! 5 years experience in graphics design! 5 years experience in node CSS! And every javascript known to mankind! I would love to meet this legendary developer that every company seems to want! Sick of these ads that ask for god level experience in every development role or tech. It’s like they’re hiring one developer to write their entire system from scratch which would obviously require godly expertise in front back and every fucking end there is to fucking build

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    Yep they do.

    This is the kind of job description companies use once they've learnt the hard way that paying peanuts to consultants... I mean ass rapers... and ending up with a complete and utter useless product that's been over engineered and brutally cannibalised to pieces.

    They don't want some regular Dev to come in any more, they've been burnt to the ground already, they just want it up and running and not pour any more inessential cash into the stinking pile of shit that's been left for them.

    If people would stop building shit and actually delivered something of worth, godly developers as you put it wouldn't been needed.
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    @C0D4 They'll still fail on that because they want and need a dev god, but they won't pay divine salary.
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    This. Pay well, hire engineering skills and the only problem you may have is discovering your management is inept.
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    I'm just wondering where all the job postings wanting 10+ years went. Nobody wants to pay for experience.
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    @C0D4 makes sense! So it looks like they hired crappy developers and need a brilliant one to fix their mess quickly hence these huge lists of requirements. But this developer would have to want to work for them first sadly
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    @Fast-Nop I didn't say it was a perfect world 😐

    @SortOfTested it costs less to hire a junior / Indian sweat shop - in the short run. Management don't seem to care about ongoing costs anywhere near as much as that initial lump sum.
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    Yeah, I was waxing sarcastically. Management is a career now and they build grenades that only have to remain undetonated until they can move to a better position.
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    Oh another case of full stack ninja God developer with DevOps Cloud 😂
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    @Devnergy lol there are people with all this crap on their resume who get jobs easily but it’s years of experience of doing everything wrong and they can’t even reverse an array
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    If I see this type of ad, I'll run a mile. Doesn't matter how much they're offering or if I magically have all this experience, it'll be a terrible place to work, guaranteed.

    Having said that though, you should at least know what Kubernetes is, even if you don't have extensive experience in it.
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