Evilest thing to do..

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    Any decent IDE/editor would catch that.
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    I don't use ';' in my js, Hah!

    That's actually bad on my part
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    @kamen probably, but will it tell you why ;) or leave you wondering?
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    @Voxera Depends on a lot of stuff. I've tried it, in some fonts the two actually look different. You can quickly test it in a console, just run the following: (';').charCodeAt(0)
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    Remap the keys
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    pure evil
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    This one again..
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    And that's why I use eslint and standard style.

    Also defensive turrets around the perimeter of my room and an attack cat.
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    Taking it to another level .. badass :/
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    @pr0m3theus tip: never ever do that on ur friends day of hackaton xD (like I did)
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