"90's kids are impatient developers and change job too often" is a phrase I hear often from other managers... The thing I always tell is, generations will clash and yea, we grew up wanting to work in awesome places developed by the marketers mind. How can we reach a better agreement? I have no idea!
Just want to wish you all a merry Xmas and keep on ranting!!

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    I'm '90s kid and I agree
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    Maybe it's because 90's managers don't properly incentivize staying.
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    Can you blame them/us? There is a vast world out there full of different areas to learn about and work on. At least, that's how I see it.
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    @MaLiN2223 I don't like to stereotype things, but I agree I have a lot impatient colleagues hopping from one place ti another looking for that new dream gig...
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    @Grundeir Humm... How should a manager make you stay? Challenge? Training? Money? Is there a secret formula?
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    @NickCh i agree! But some are too impatient, they change too fast!
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    @DevotedSniper you seem lucky to be in a place you feel valued and your boss looks out for you. But, it is also your effort that made that... the chicken and egg stuff, I guess...
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    @thiagoavadore I'm just a university student, have only worked as a freelancer and on some personal projects so I wouldn't really know, but maybe a reason for that is that programming/engineering is very 'in' these days. I have seen lots of students being engineers with no idea what even the uni is about just because it's engineering. So maybe they start changing jobs so quick when they fall under the pressure, since, I don't think many people have the determination to work as programmers if they don't love what they do and from what I hear being a Jr developer/researcher etc doesn't mean it's easy.
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