Who would have thought that Ben Award's VSCode stories would be sold at 9000$. That's almost my entire college fees for 4 years.

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    It's a really cool story. It really surprises me as well because most of my work has been done in closed source environments. I think a lot of these things have a heavy bias towards that culture. There's no way that I could stream a large majority of my stuff in a way like that, as well as most people I know in the corporate world wouldn't even get the idea of the social aspect.
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    The reason for VSCode stories to be a success in my opinion is Ben Award's following and network. He is a tech celeb. Everything he creates is bound to be a sensation in a good way or a bad way (in this case there were mixed opinions). If someone with a very little following were to do the same, I bet we wouldn't have even heard of it. That's how it works.
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    I watched a lot of him lately.

    And I'd more and more like to scream at him and force him to solve my problems one time in react and one time in angular and then shut his piehole afterwards :D

    For reference see my latest react rant :D

    P.S. Ben Awad (no r)

    (also @commenters ;) )
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